Grandstand Play: Queen Elizabeth II And Princess Diana Could Not Stand Each Other. Was It Really True?

Date October 1, 2018

The history of royal families always thrills and amazes thousands of people all around the world. Especially when it is about the British royal family, the most popular in Europe and far abroad. Moreover, many incredible conspiracy theories and myths are often linked exactly to them.

Princess Diana was a favorite of the public because of her big heart and rebellious temperament. In many ways, the royal family became more modern and progressive exactly because of her. However, not all the members appreciated it, according to many biographies of Queen Elizabeth and her relatives.

In the book 'The Queen's Speech: An Intimate Portrait of the Queen in Her Own Words' Ingrid Seward unveiled another point of view on this topic.

According to the author, Elizabeth II originally thought that Diana would be a perfect daughter-in-law as she was growing up almost in front of the Queen's eyes. As you may know, the Spensers lived in one of the houses in Sandringham, and the princes were frequent visitors there.

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Diana felt miserable because of Charles's involvement with Camilla. She suffered from several personality disorders and claimed that everybody hated her.

It was believed that this marriage, unhappy from the very beginning because of the couple's different characters, was arranged with the huge influence of Diana's grandmother, Ruth Roche. She was in the service of the Queen-Mother, and according to some rumors, she assured Elizabeth that this marriage would be advantageous. The Queen didn't know how she could ease Diana's suffering, and that's why could seem quite detached. However, she relieved both of their misery when she tried to explain to Diana that her son was hopeless about Camilla.

Meanwhile, Charles gradually started to understand that British people would like to see young and energetic Diana rather than him ascend the throne one day. This caused the conflict between them. Only many years later after the car crash, mass media suspected this rivalry not to be finished yet. People of Great Britain now have another authoritative woman - Kate Middleton. 

Another documentary, Diana vs Elizabeth, described the royal family's life as a show, where everybody has their own role. Most of Elizabeth's actions are almost automatic, while Diana used to win over the audience with her spontaneity and frankness. Every time she appeared in public, every new haircut and outfit, and her unprecedented charity in combinations with some "bad behavior" (just remember the dance with Travolta) pushed Elizabeth to worry for the reputation of the family and question Diana's original intentions.

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As many believed, Diana didn't fully respect Her Majesty. She demonstrated a defiant attitude and disobedience. All of it didn't contribute to a warm relationship between the two women. 

After Diana's death, the Queen didn't return to London straight away and hardly commented on the tragedy. However, according to many, Elizabeth has learned from her mistakes and started developing relations with Kate, as well as with Meghan. Ignoring Diana's issues and problems with getting used to a new role, she could have possibly contributed to the failure of her son's marriage and the tragic fate of the Princess. What do you think, did they really hate each other?

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