Brunettes Vs. Blondes: How Would Celebrities Look With The Opposite Hair Color

Date October 4, 2018

There has been a quite long fight on our planet. And no, it is not between good and evil, but between brunettes and blondes! It happens that a darker hair color suits better for some women who were born with naturally light hair, and vice versa. But it sometimes happens that you should not experiment with shades that are opposite to your natural. It is necessary not just to follow the trends, but to find what suits your appearance the most, so as to maximally benefit from emphasizing all your beautiful features.


Despite the fact that there are people who are considered to be lucky because both dark and light shades of hair suit them equally great, most people still have to adhere to one "camp." So, a beautiful burning brunette in a blond wig risks becoming unattractive and boring. Since comparison is key to determine things, we decided to show you how the opposite color of hair can completely ruin the celebrities' famous image. Let's start!

1. Kate Middleton turns from the Duchess into some kind of a simpleton.


2. Angelina Jolie looks quite interesting but rather older.


3. Eva Longoria can be invited into the Kardashian family!


4. Jennifer Love Hewitt looks just fine with the new hair color. By the way, she had changed her natural dark color to the blonde once in her life.


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5. Fabulous Charlize Theron can easily experiment with the dark colors!


6. Uma Thurman with dark hair looks simply unattractive.


7. Cara Delevingne can certainly afford to darken her hair a little.


8. Cate Blanchett looks so much younger! Yet, the dark shade damages her elegance.


As you can see, a cardinally opposite color of hair suits not everyone. Where it is appropriate, the blond color adds some elegance and refinement to the feminine image, but it can also turn it into the simple and boring one. Dark shades can add a touch of sexuality, passion, and audacity to the image, but once again, it can seriously simplify the appearance.

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You should approach the choice of your hair color with great responsibility. It is often better to consult with the colorist or your favorite master, and if possible, even try on the wig of the desired shade or use online programs. Learn how to emphasize your unique features!

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