"Her Breasts Are So Saggy" Mila Kunis Was Criticized On The Web For Her Latest Outfit

Date August 6, 2018

Hollywood actress Mila Kunis is a recognized beauty. She appeared in multiple rankings of the sexiest women. Did you know that Mila has Ukrainian roots? She moved from Ukrainian city Chernivtsi, then the Soviet Union, to the U.S. at the age of seven.

Mila attracts attention not only with her bright appearance but also with amazing charisma and openness. The star isn't shy of just being herself and is always ready to laugh at her own fails.

We hope that the mistake that happened to Mila the other day will also become a great opportunity for the actress to smile. Well, or at least learn something new about her image. Sometimes, we need to have a look at ourselves from the side.

It was all because of the weird overall the actress put on for the red carpet of 'The Spy Who Dumped Me' movie premiere. It was Mila's look in particular that confused her fans.

For the occasion, the star chose the strapless white jumpsuit by Johanna Ortiz. This outfit is from the latest collection of the fashion designer. Yes, the jumpsuit is definitely fabulous. But it is worth mentioning that this overall simply doesn't suit Mila. The fans noticed this "fact" and reacted immediately.

Most of the fans did not appreciate the image of the actress, and some even admitted that they were horrified because of it. Her photo caused a whirl of disapproving comments, like: "She looks like my grandmother," "Her breasts are so saggy. Why would you show it?", "Lately, Mila looks really creepy," "Terrible outfit."

Moreover, many people noted that the jumpsuit wasn't even ironed properly. To justify Mila, the outfit could surely become such over time. We are pretty sure that the jumpsuit had not a single wrinkle on it right before going out of the home. Besides, it can happen to anyone, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, this outfit of the actress will certainly fall into the list of this year's fashionable fails. But Mila is unlikely to become upset. That would be really mature!

Mila Kunis