"Human Ken" Went To The Beach In A Glamorous Corset. Did He Borrow It From Barbie?

Date August 3, 2018

If there are girls who are trying their best to copy the famous Barbie's appearance, then why cannot men imitate the look of her boyfriend, Ken? You wouldn't believe it, but such men do exist! This 35-year-old Rodrigo Alves from Brazil had been working as an ordinary flight attendant. But the idea of becoming a human version of the doll really got stuck in his head.

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To achieve his goal, the young man has put his body not only under extreme physical loads but also under the knife of a plastic surgeon. Rodrigo underwent more than 60 operations in total!

Having achieved a "perfect look," Rodrigo is now focused on maintaining the image. One of the points of his special attention is the waist, which he emphasizes with the help of a corset.

Here's another example:

Over time, the fans have become accustomed to such an unusual accessory, as well as in general to Rodrigo's shocking outfits. But the recent photo in his microblog hit hard even the most persistent followers! The "Human Ken" appeared in bright floral swimming trunks and a bright corset, which, according to the fans, "... suits Barbie more than Ken." The post has got only 7 thousand likes, although Rodrigo's page has about 700 thousand subscribers. You can do the math.

It is difficult to predict what the next model's step would be. Yet, Rodrigo's determination and tenacity in making his dreams come true can surely be a good lesson for all of us.

What do you think of his photos? Is it disturbing or maybe deserves admiration?

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