Sting's Lesbian Daughter Looks More And More Like A Guy

Date October 3, 2018

For the past three years, the youngest daughter of the musician Sting, 28-year-old Eliot Paulina Sumner, is becoming more and more masculine. Lots of factors contribute to this look: no makeup, lots of suits in the wardrobe, serious face. Long hair could be a sign of femininity, but in this case, it feels like it doesn't play this role. Such changes are the result of Eliot's coming out in 2015.

Eliot Sumner never concealed her non-traditional sexual identity, but it seemed that she liked both boys and girls. When the final choice was made, she openly began to appear in public with girls she had favored.


Публикация от Eliot Sumner (@eliotsumner)

She had a relationship with the Australian model Lucie von Alten, then with the French actress Joséphine de La Baume. The changes in the life of the vocalist and composer, known as I Blame Coco, did not affect the work.

She continues to work on the new album and also attends social events. In particular, she was seen in London at the premiere of the TV-series "Maniac" in her characteristical trouser suit.

By the way, Eliot's parents - Sting and Trudie Styler - do not express disapproval or condemnation of the sexual orientation of their daughter. They fully support their child no matter what.

It seems that Sting and Trudie respect Eliot's choice. After all, she is all grown up already.

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