Ivanka Trump Steals The Limelight With Her Airy Corset Blouse That Emphasizes Her Perfect Waist

Date August 6, 2018 09:46

It seems that Ivanka Trump's sense of style is not inferior to that of her stepmother, the first lady, Melania Trump. Her outfits are widely discussed by the media all over the world. Ivanka prefers subtle costumes and dresses, which favorably emphasize her femininity.


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For the recent family occasion with her sons and husband, the president's daughter chose a gentle combination of sky-blue corset blouse and white skinny trousers. This kind of blouses can emphasize the waist and bust. And as the matter of fact, Ivanka's shapes are worth being showed off.


We can clearly see that the textile of the blouse is super light and airy, which makes this thing an excellent wardrobe choice for the summer! You could also make a tunic from it.


Ivanka chose ankle length white pants that visually made her legs even more elegant and slim. Knowing about her height, when possible, Ivanka opts for low heel shoes. This time, the choice fell on the slippers.

The aviator sunglasses, natural make-up, and radiant smile are simply the perfect addition to her look. And although most of the paparazzi are following Melania 24/7, we are sure, Ivana would easily win the "style icon" competition.



The family looks rested and pleased, which is also a great delight for Ivanka's fans. Did you like her outfit? Do you find it stylish? Share your opinion in the comments down below.

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Ivanka Trump