Little Emma From "Friends" Is Already 16 Years Old And In Fact, She Was Portrayed By Two Actresses!

Date August 8, 2018

In September 2018, the iconic sitcom Friends is turning 24, yet it still remains one of the most beloved among the fans of this genre. Friends is not losing its relevance even today. Many of the main and secondary actors of the sitcom have built a successful acting career, but there are also some of them who can become a new generation of Hollywood stars in the nearest future, in particular, baby Emma, daughter of Ross Geller and Rachel Green.

© «Friends» (1994-2004) / Warner Bros. Television

© «Friends» (1994-2004) / Warner Bros. Television

Little Emma appeared in the beginning of the 9th season, but few know that there were two actresses who played the role of the infant - Cali and Noelle Sheldon. Of course, the girls were born on June 17, 2002, do not remember the shootings, as they were still very young. The twins got the role thanks to their mother, who, although doubted, still brought the daughters to the casting. Recently, the Sheldon girls turned 16.

© «Friends» (1994-2004) / Warner Bros. Television

Judging by the few publications that are in Cali's Instagram, Noelle has always been her most loyal and best friend. More recently, it also became known that the sisters are planning to return to their acting career after a short break. Let's not forget that after their debut in Friends, girls made several more appearances in the further episodes.

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Публикация от cali (@cali.sheldon)

Cali and Noelle's names appear in the cast of the new film by Jordan Peele, the thriller "Us," which should be released on big screens next spring. The sisters' partners will be Lupita Amondi Nyong'o, Tim Heidecker, Anna Diop, Elisabeth Moss, Winston Duke and many others. Jordan Peele is known as an actor, screenwriter and director, whose first solo project, the horror film "Get Out" (2017), was his career breakthrough - the picture won one Oscar award for the Best Original Screenplay!


Публикация от cali (@cali.sheldon)


Публикация от cali (@cali.sheldon)

Cali and Noelle could repeat the story of Chloe Grace Moretz's blast, as the latter also began her career from different episodic roles and played in several horror movies. Let's not forget about arguably the most popular actresses-twins, the Olsen sisters, who eventually gave preference to business.

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It is worth noting that the Sheldon girls were not the only tandem starred in the sitcom. If you remember the charming son of Ross Geller and Carol Willick, his first wife, you might be surprised to learn that Ben was also played by twins. Dylan and Cole Sprouse already turned 26 on August 4.


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Both before and after Friends, the Sprouse bros had been acting regularly up until 2011, when they decided to take a short break from their career. Cole gave preference to archeology, and Dylan - the video game industry.

Cinematic projects involving twins usually are quite successful, especially if they star together. We hope that Cali and Noelle Sheldon, despite their young age, will get a chance to demonstrate their talent. However, we all know that the true fans of Friends will always remember their first work as little and charming Emma.

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