Million Dollar Cutie: Sneaky Prince Harry Stealing Some Samosas Once Again Became The Star On The Web

Date October 1, 2018

Prince Harry often gets into the camera lenses in a very cute way. Even only his one smile is worth of taking a photo! Unlike his brother, Prince William, Harry really behaves quite often as a child: he can be very embarrassed, frowny, he can hug and kiss Meghan whenever he pleases, play sports and truly enjoy life. Well, he basically displays nearly all his emotions in public. What can be better for any photographer?


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On September 20 in Kensington Palace, a charity dinner was held on the occasion of Meghan Markle's first cookbook being published.


This event carried much more sense than just the desire to fill shelves in bookstores, since the publication of this book was completely charitable.


It was not only Prince Harry who came to the dinner, but also Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland. All three together had a good time laughing at jokes and stories, helping to cook and even "stealing" some food! You might wonder why in the world would any of the royal family members steal food? But yes, Prince Harry made a real sensation and amused his fans.


Apparently, he was so hungry at some point that he decided to secretly take some samosas for himself. He surely hoped no one would see. But you cannot hide a thing from the photographers, so Harry's "crime" was noticed. The prince clearly understood that he got caught and his reaction was absolutely priceless. The colors of shame and embarrassment appeared on his face together with the cutest smile of a guilty little boy. 

People began joking that nobody feeds Prince Harry at home. But in reality, the situation turned out to be hilarious cute, don't you think so? Prince Harry manages to be at the center of attention even when he does not want it at all!

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Prince Harry