Nobody Is Perfect: Star Women With Mustaches

Date September 17, 2018

Recently, popular cosmetics brand MAC published a picture on Instagram where attentive subscribers noticed a few dark hairs above the model's upper lip. Some users admired the fact that the company sees nothing shameful in this while others have harshly criticized this marketing move.


We're all familliar with "female mustaches" and celebrities are no exception. While there are many ways to remove excess or unwanted hair on the face and body these days, some stars do not consider it a disadvantage to have body or facial hair and don't take action. 

We've gathered some photos of famous women who are not shy about facial hair.

Salma Hayek

female celebrities with mustachegettyimages

Tyra Banks

female celebrities with mustachegettyimages

Selena Gomez

female celebrities with mustachegettyimages

Kate Upton

female celebrities with mustachegettyimages

These photos are a wonderful way to remind us once again that the stars are the same as us, and that they can face the same problems.

Do you fight with the hair on your face or do you ignore it? Tell us about it in the comments!

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