'Not A Special Person': Thomas Markle Criticized Late Princess Diana In His New 9-Hour Interview

Date August 6, 2018

While Megan Markle enjoys the marital life with her husband, Prince Harry, and also actively learns the wisdom of royal etiquette and the official British protocol, her so-called "old" family makes lots of unsuccessful efforts to speak to the Duchess herself or at least to her spokesperson.



Previously, Megan's father, Thomas Markle, has already repeatedly put his daughter in an uncomfortable position in front of her new relatives in particular, and the public in general after the marriage ceremony held on May 19, 2018. Recently, he again gave an interview, which lasted 9 hours and could be considered one of the most scandalous ever.

The details of the interview were shared by The Daily Mail. The man once again emphasized that neither the daughter nor her new family wanted to have a dialogue with him. Moreover, if earlier he had a "contact person" in the close circle of his daughter, recently all the phones known to him are silent.


This time, however, he went even further and repeatedly mentioned the name of Lady D. Mark said that the late princess, in his opinion, was not a special person at all, but was just a true part of the British royal family, meaning no better than those who he openly criticizes.


Moreover, he expressed the confidence that the entourage of Queen Elizabeth treats him as well as with the late daughter-in-law of the monarch, that is, tries to isolate him.

And the ignoring position by Kensington Palace is quite understandable, to be honest. Markle repeatedly gave provocative interviews to the Western media. What makes the "loving father" so openly and unabashedly harm his own daughter? It seems to us that the answer to this question is much simpler than it might seem: money.

Thomas has already lived in the small town of Rosarito in Mexico for a while, relying pretty heavily on the state financial support. However, according to experts' estimation, he would have earned more than $100,000 only on cooperation with the media. In addition, according to some sources, he could already spend money on a trip to the UK to seek a personal meeting with his daughter.

To some extent, the public has already become accustomed to the fact that periodically, Markle "the dad" is trying to attract attention, but his words about Lady D probably outraged many, especially all the dedicated fans of the People's Princess. According to one of the opinions, Diana would have known how to help in the settlement of the situation. The Princess of Wales had a talent in diplomacy, as well as a developed sense of tact that would most likely have allowed her to manage these unpleasant relations.


Anyways, it is hard to assume what role would have Diana played in reconciling the daughter-in-law with her relatives. However, don't you think that the fact that Markle began to use Diana's name as another argument for public pressure on the royal family does not fit in well with the image of a loving father and a man respecting his own son-in-law's relatives?

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