Problems With Meghan? Prince Harry Sends Hidden Signals Through The Wedding Ring

Date October 1, 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are happy newlyweds, known violators of some royal protocols and unspoken royal traditions. After the announcement of their engagement, they repeatedly demonstrated their warm feelings in public. In addition, Harry did not follow in the footsteps of his grandfather and elder brother: the young man decided to wear his own wedding ring.


It's difficult to call this decision a violation of the rules. Prince Philip and Prince William simply do not feel the need to prove that they are exemplary family men. It's worth noting that the father of the young heirs of the throne, Charles, wears his signet ring made of Welsh gold on his pinky finger that has a special meaning for him.

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Although the engagement rings that the royal family presented to their chosen ones were unbelievably luxurious, the actual wedding rings are surprisingly modest. They have a classic design and do not differ much from those preferred by many generations of newlyweds.


However, Harry has somewhat departed from tradition. He chose the same iconic model but made out of platinum. Meghan's wedding ring is pretty much the same as what most British royal women wear.


Not everyone wears their ring all the time. However, body language experts noted one oddity in how Prince Harry handles his ring - he often fiddles with it.


Of course, almost all newlyweds need time to get used to their new status, and wearing the ring is important. It might be uncomfortable at first, but soon enough it becomes a part of us.

Why is Harry so fixate on his ring? One might assume that he intuitively tries to remove it because he feels uncomfortable or dissatisfied with the marriage. Although the ceremony of marriage with Meghan took place just a few months ago, maybe some problems have already surfaced. Another explanation could be some nervousness in the young prince. Although he is accustomed to public attention, in recent months, he got much more work due to the retirement of the Duke of Edinburgh last year.

Elizabeth II also gradually delegates some of her responsibilities to the younger members of the family. In April, the Queen celebrated her 92nd birthday, but apparently, she isn't going to give up the throne any time soon.

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Judi James, a well-known body language expert, explained the behavior of Harry in a very positive way. As a rule, he often touched the ring during solo public events. According to James, this is evidence that he misses Meghan, is feeling lonely or even depressed. Is that not cute? But it's not so simple: the ring can also be an alarming signal about the tension in the relationship, and even a harbinger of an early divorce if one of the spouses touches it too much.


Body language is amazing as it reveals thoughts and emotions that people try to hide. And how well do you "read" your partner? Have there ever been cases in your life when, by certain gestures or actions, you have guessed the hidden intentions or mood of someone dear?

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