Tess Holliday Put In Place The British Journalist Who Called Her Morbidly Obese

Date October 1, 2018

Body positivity is a rather controversial modern trend. Its fans think that the human body is beautiful as it is and all people should accept themselves. For example, people who embrace this movement do not get rid of unwanted hair, do not spend time in gyms, and eat whatever they want.

In recent years, plus-size models have become more and more popular, proving that a woman can be stylish and gorgeous regardless of her weight. Tess Holliday is one of the most famous plus-size models.

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She has often been targeted and mocked because of her weight, so she decided to leave school at age 17 and to become independent as soon as possible. Tess worked as an administrator and sent her portfolio to various modeling agencies.


Публикация от T E S S (@tessholliday)

The producers of a weight loss reality show became interested in Tess. She immediately became popular after the first shooting. Agents quickly noticed her and opportunities qickly followed.


Публикация от T E S S (@tessholliday)

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It's always considered rude to publicly criticize someone's appearance - especially a stranger. But that didn't stop Piers Morgan from taking a swipe at the plus-size beauty.


He has hosted many popular TV-programs and talk shows and is considered by some to be a thought leader. Many of his statements are radical and provoking, but people can't stop listening to him. Piers Morgan repeatedly criticized Meghan Markle, commenting on her family's drama and told her how to behave like a faithful daughter and sister. His reason for disliking the duchess could be pretty prosaic: at one time she stopped communicating with him.


Although many people know his opinion on almost any topic, Morgan's popularity is unusual: many people really hate him. He is arrogant, rude, and tactless: Piers often interrupts, offends, upsets his guests to tears, imposes his point of view, and even bragged about his friendship with Donald Trump. Not surprisingly, it was this man who felt entitled to criticize Tess Holliday on Twitter.

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Tess put the abuser in his place.

The Twitter battle should have ended at this point. However, Piers kept going.

We hope that one of them will be more sensible and end this. And how would you react if somebody offended you the same way? 

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