When "Before" Was Better: 6 Failed Plastic Surgeries Of Celebrities

Date September 11, 2018

Botox injections, facelifts, fillers, plastic surgeries - many stars can no longer imagine their life without these beauty procedures. And if some celebrities managed to hide a dozen or so years of their true age, others become completely unrecognizable, and typically, not in a good way.

We decided to recall five-star victims of plastic surgeries, which basically changed their appearance so much, the fans couldn't recognize their favorite idols anymore.

Uma Thurman


A couple of years ago, the appearance of the actress at the premiere of the TV-series The Slap caused a huge discussion in the press and among the fans. As soon as the pictures of Uma from the event were posted on the web, everyone immediately assumed that the Kill Bill star made a plastic operation, and not the most successful one to say the least. At the same time, many fans believed the changes in Thurman's appearance were due to her makeup - supposedly, the actress stopped using lots of cosmetics and began to look different. Uma Thurman does not comment on her fans' guesses. But let's be honest, the difference is pretty obvious, isn't it? Just compare her old photos with new ones - it's surely not because of the makeup.

Donatella Versace


After achieving the world fame, the Italian fashion designer obviously decided to lose a couple of extra years with the help of facial plastic surgery, but she did not stop there. Due to the pernicious abuse of beauty procedures, Donatella became famous not only as one of the most successful and influential women in history but also as a victim of plastic surgeries. According to experts, it was a biopolymer gel that played a bad joke with Versace's appearance, as it deforms tissues and leads to pathological scarring.

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Renée Zellweger


"The new face" of Bridget Jones has received maybe ever more of unflattering reviews than Uma Thurman's. Probably, too many fat "packets" in the upper eyelids were removed during blepharoplasty. As a result, the actress lost her characteristic flirting squint - one of the unique features in Zellweger's appearance. Fortunately, after the resonance that caused her new appearance, Renée corrected the mistake and returned to her previous look.

Meg Ryan


Many fans were sure that Meg would never fall victim to the services of plastic surgeons, because of her simple and natural charm. However, the actress also could not resist the temptation to prolong elusive youth. The result was the "duck lips," narrow eyes, asymmetrical face, and unnatural shine of the skin. Maybe she likes herself like that more, who knows.

Melanie Griffith


Do you remember how in the 80-90's, Melanie was one of the most famous and popular actresses? Her endless affairs were discussed by everyone, and stylish looks and daring haircuts inspired thousands of girls around the world. However, today, she is known as the wife of Antonio Banderas, who became addicted to plastic surgeries. Needless to say, Melanie looks much older than her handsome husband.

Emmanuelle Béart


You would not be able to recognize this charming French actress today. She decided to lie under the knife of a plastic surgeon at the age of 27 years. This was arguably the biggest mistake. Today, the actress looks much older for her age. According to experts, the polymer, which eventually caused scarring, led to deformation of soft tissues and made the lower third of the face heavier. In the interview, the French actress repeatedly confesses that she regrets about the interventions.

Sadly, the dream of remaining forever young and attractive sometimes has the opposite effect, adding some extra years and disfiguring beyond recognition. You can never be sure of good results when lying under the plastic surgeon's knife, and these celebrities are the sad confirmation of this statement.

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