Young Claudia Schiffer And Cindy Crawford: A Rare Photo Of The 2000's Supermodels Appeared On The Web

Date October 1, 2018

52-year-old Cindy Crawford posted on her personal page in Instagram a rare photo - a shot behind the scenes of the fashion show in Milan. In this snap, she poses together with another famous supermodel of the 2000's Claudia Schiffer and great fashion designer Gianni Versace.

The snapshot is highly interesting due to the fact that it was made by chance, thus is showing how the style icons actually looked like in their youth and also that there was that true friendship going on between them.

Three celebrities stand in the photo, hugging each other, and discussing something amusing. It is immediately evident that there is an atmosphere of mutual understanding in this close company.

A little later this same photo was also reposted by Claudia Schiffer, 48, herself.

The supermodel wrote under the snap the following:

#MFW flashback ❤️ Backstage in Milano with Gianni and @claudiaschiffer.

Here's how the famous models look now. They are still beautiful!

Cindy Crawford

And this is Claudia Schiffer


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It's great that there are not only staged photos from professional shootings on the web, but also such random snaps. They show our beloved stars without any masks and covers. We can see their true nature!

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