Meghan Markle Pregnancy Myths Debunked

Date July 2, 2018

Mass media are now actively promoting rumors that Meghan Markle is already pregnant – one month after the wedding. But is it so? We decided to find out.


“Meghan & Harry: She’s Pregnant,” exclaims the cover of OK! Australia featuring her picture in a floral wrap cocktail dress taken at Lady Diana’s niece wedding. 

But we remained unconvinced, as these pictures simply don’t hold water!

The tabloid claims that Duchess of Sussex is “in a delicate position”. So-called "royal inside source" reveals the following:

They knew that they should wait until getting married to try to conceive, but they just couldn’t help themselves and they were totally successful… Meghan and Harry hope to hide the pregnancy for as long as they can and confuse people about the date. They are worried about a royal scolding because for sure their bundle of joy was created when they were only engaged.

This bold statement begs at least two questions. If Meghan and Harry are hiding the alleged pregnancy, then how did the “royal source” find out?


And what is the point in “confusing people about the date” by delaying the announcement when her eventual birth date would allow anyone to figure out the conception time frame anyway?


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Another publication tries to back up the story by quoting from Meghan Markle’s father’s recent interview. He said that Meghan has long dreamed of having children.

There’s got to be a child in the making, somewhere soon,

However, they conveniently fail to mention his very next sentence:

I don’t think there is a stork in the air yet.

Perhaps, the most convincing argument that the duke and duchess’s baby plans remain on hold is their fall trip to Australia, including Fiji and Tonga islands.


This information has been posted on the official royal family Instagram account.

Both Fiji and Tonga islands are considered places of the high risk of contracting the Zika virus. There’s been a warning that women who are pregnant should not travel there. If Meghan Markle was indeed pregnant, would she still take the risk?


So, there is no evidence to back up the rumors that Duchess of Sussex is in fact pregnant. Why spread false rumors about the royal family? Better share this post with your friends!

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