Most Epic Fashion Fails Of The First Ladies And The Duchesses

Date July 23, 2018

Even though it is the president who is the front-line player in a country, the cameras may be equally focused on the first lady. In addition to her role in the family, she has her share of responsibilities. Besides, the image of the presidential couple largely relies on the first lady’s appearance.


Thus, the first ladies should mainly wear their country’s brands, thus supporting the national product. And on foreign trips choose brands of the countries they visit. This is a token of respect to the host nation.


Although fashion experiments are not prohibited, every first lady should understand that her look will be discussed. Each styling choice (especially an unorthodox one) may and will be interpreted as a deliberate message. We present to you 6 notorious "stylish" outings of the famous women.

Melania Trump


We shall begin with her, as her gaffe was one of the most recent, when she was pictured wearing a green army jacket with the phrase "I really don’t care, do u?" scrawled on the back. Understandably, these words couldn’t go unnoticed. While media and internet users got busy interpreting this message, Melania herself said that it was just a jacket, and that there was no hidden message. 

Lyudmila Putina


Vladimir Putin’s former wife was meeting Queen Elizabeth in 2003. It is customary to choose a suit with a hat for meeting Her Majesty. It would be a nod to the British style showing respect to the Queen. Lyudmila Putina chose a monochrome light outfit of no particular shape. Let’s just say, it didn’t appear quite British.

Carla Bruni


Here’s a first lady who didn’t cease to amaze with his fashion looks. In 2010, Carla Bruni and her husband were welcoming the president of Russia at that time - Dmitry Medvedev. What did the beauty choose to wear for the occasion? An emerald long body tight dress, which highlighted her graceful figure in a most complimentary fashion. What it also highlighted was the absence of underwear.

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Peng Liyuan


As for the wife of the Chinese president, her fail was in the makeup. Her reflective powder showed itself in all its glory in camera flashes. With every flash her face would become covered in light patches. Fortunately, it was not noticeable under normal conditions, but the photos remained.

Michelle Obama


Barack Obama's wife has been accused of bad taste quite a few times. Her outfits have often become subjects of discussion and criticism. This yellow look can serve an example. The belt was so cumbersome and strange that it completely crumpled the blouse of the former first lady disfiguring her chest. It’s anybody’s guess why she needed that belt at all.

Duchess of Cambridge


Although Kate Middleton is not the first lady, she is also a well-known and influential figure. Her love for floating dresses has repeatedly played a cruel joke on her. The thing is that it’s not always possible to know if it going to be windy. Even though the dress wasn’t too short, it didn’t save her the awkwardness. Anyways, it’s fair to say that Kate did well – she remained calm catching her dress and pretending that nothing was happening.

All the public figures, especially the first ladies of states, should keep in mind that cameras are always on the lookout, and their every appearance is an event itself, discussed by hundreds of media sources. They’d better try it on one time too many, than become a victim of public’s opinion. Beware, ladies!

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