How Would Celebrities Look With Different Hair

Date August 31, 2018 17:44

When you get used to seeing a person wearing the same hairstyle and make-up, any slight change immediately strikes the eye ("Is this you?"). Some experiments become a success, giving a person fresh and completely different vibe. Others fail.

The easiest things a woman can change in her look are her hair color and style. We decided to hypothesize how celebrities would look like after an impulsive visit to a hairdresser’s.

Dark hair would make Jennifer Aniston’s skin paler.

After all, the actress looks better with fair hair – it makes her look younger.

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Seems like chestnut with a tint of red and short bangs open up Madonna’s mischievous side.

However, we got so used to her as a blonde that it doesn’t work for us any other way.

"Femme fatale" – this is about Jennifer Lopez with long dark hair.

The singer’s eyes have become even deeper and more expressive with such a framing, not that they needed any highlighting.

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Actress Cate Blanchett with dark hair looks like a powerful political player

No, bring back the cute fair locks!

Blonde hair made Sandra Bullock’s eyes even more emphatic.

Perhaps, you haven’t seen the Oscar-winning actress like this!

How often do you change your hair style or color? And when you do, does it affect you in any way? Tell us.

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