Who’s The Loser Now? 6 Successful Stars Who Used To Be Bullied By Peers

Date August 8, 2018 14:23

When a celebrity says they had a tough road to fame, they don’t always mean endless auditions. Sometimes what they mean goes back to their childhood – difficult financial situation in the family, misunderstanding with the parents, problems at school etc. And if you dig even deeper, they even may have been bullied by classmates.

However, there may be an upside: perhaps, that’s what made them stronger and taught the future celebrities to stand up for themselves, which came in pretty handy in their future lives.

Tom Cruise


Due to dyslexia (a difficulty in learning how to read and write) Tom had a hard time learning at school, while his classmates used to make fun of the scribbling in his notebooks. He also used to get beat up, since he wasn’t the biggest guy. That’s why they had to change more than a dozen of schools in total.

Jessica Alba


Because of difficult financial circumstances in the family the girl couldn’t afford to dress up in fine clothes, and what she used to wear made her look unattractive.  Jessica used to get ill often and missed classes a lot. It wasn’t easy for her to catch up with the school program, while mean children called her dumb.

Leonardo DiCaprio


The future Oscar-winning actor was really struggling with the school program. He considered all the subjects boring and useless. That’s why he used to be an underachieving pupil. His peers thought he was just stupid and made up corresponding taunts.

Julia Roberts


Who would have thought that the very distinctive feature, that made the movie star so famous – a wide and radiant smile – used to make her suffer? In childhood she used to be taunted to tears for her big mouth. Where are those bullies now? But we sure know where Julia is – shining on the screen!

George Clooney


Little George had to go to change schools once because of bullying – he used to be called Frankenstein, as half of his face was paralyzed (he got it from his father). To prevent it from happening again George decided to toughen up and picked up sports. Soon he recovered and was soon to become one of the sexiest Hollywood actors.

Irina Shayk


Dark skin and big lips of the future super famous model made her an object of school bullying. Fortunately, her parents taught her not to pay attention or fight the bullies.

Children can be so cruel! It’s good when a child can fight back or ignore the insults and taunts. Then nothing can frighten them in the adult life. 

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