Can The Duchess Of Cambridge Become A More Influential Trendsetter Than Her Late Mother-In-Law Princess Diana?

Date July 26, 2018

The majority of the Britons consider Kate Middleton, first of all, a representative of the royal family and the authoritative person performing certain functions. However, the Duchess of Cambridge is also a source of inspiration that creates fashionable images. The duchess has already changed a lot in the British mentality as well as influenced their preferable trends.


“The Kate’s Effect” is an indicator of forces redistribution in the fashion industry. However, the duchess can be considered a trendsetter not only in this area. It’s not a secret that women try to recreate her images, thus buying the original and fake clothes, accessories, and jewelry she used to wear. And guess what: those manufacturers whose products Kate chooses are endlessly thankful to the duchess. As we know, Kate has no right to promote any of the brands, so this reminds a lottery: today, the winner will be chosen judging from the duchess outfit. Well, it is time to find out what are the main spheres benefiting most from Kate’s choices.

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1. Haircut

The duchess’ cutting is universal – it can be accustomed to any face, and the length of the hair allows experimenting with the style.


As Kate has never changed the shape of her haircut and remained faithful to her deep chestnut color, many women continue to be inspired by her fashionable hairstyles.


2. Coatdress

A variety of coatdresses occupy a notable place in Kate’s wardrobe.


They are appropriate for business meetings and more informal events, judging by how often Middleton prefers this particular style of clothing. Classic models can be bought as from expensive as from budget brands.


3. Frugality

The most suitable characteristics will be “luxurious” and “economical.” Probably, her wardrobe could be filled with even larger selection of clothes in different styles and colors, but she often wears the same outfits for the official events, combining them with each other.


4. Mass-market

Nevertheless, Kate still has expensive outfits. She appears in them at particularly significant events, suggesting the possibility of wearing on the jewelry from the Queen’s collection. On ordinary days, Kate prefers low-cost local brands, for example, Zara or Seraphine (she wore the last one during pregnancy). By the way, most of the items from George, Charlotte, and Louis’ wardrobes are also available on the budget, which is why their popularity among the British is so high.


5. Bringing up in public

Perhaps, Middleton requires children to behave well in society, but she is an example of the mother who doesn’t stop the educational process for a minute. At any time, she is ready to digress from her public or royal role to explain to the kids what is happening and how they should behave. She looks like a real modern mom in such cases: a little dissatisfied and worried.

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6. Inclusive development

Kate and William’s elder children are already in school. Moreover, they don’t attend any special educational establishment but study together with other ordinary children. It is worth noting that schools practicing the Montessori system, which has existed for about a century but hasn’t been very popular, became much more demanded when it became clear one of such establishments would be the alma mater for Prince George.

7. Family values

The family has always been extremely important for Queen Elizabeth II. She taught her descendants to respect it as well. Despite the fact Kate and William don’t reveal their true feelings in public, they have their own gesture language and exchange the glances between themselves and with children. In addition, Kate breathed new life into a slightly forgotten trend after Princess Diana’s death: live family photos she doesn’t stop making for her personal archive.



Of course, the duchess’ influence on the royal family and the British community is not as great as that of her deceased mother-in-law, Princess Diana. However, it seems the young duchess still has many opportunities to go down in history as the founder of numerous timeless trends.

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