Royal Engagement Rings: How Much The British Treasury Spent To Please The Celebrity Brides?

Date July 25, 2018

The ring is an indispensable attribute of the engagement. Moreover, when it concerns royal celebration, the men have to try hard not to disappoint their beloved ones. That is why we collected the engagement rings of the entire British royal family so that you could evaluate both the visual component as well as their value with the help of expert-gemologist Deborah Papas. So, please, welcome – 7 most bright rings in the UK!

Queen Elizabeth II


Prince Philip developed the ring’s design by himself. In order to make everything right, he asked for the help of the expert jeweler Philip Antrobus. It is symbolic that the prince borrowed diamonds from the tiara of his late mother, Princess Alice. The estimated cost of the ring is $260,304.

Princess Diana and Kate Duchess of Cambridge


Diana had a unique opportunity for a woman to choose the engagement ring by herself. Prince Charles offered her a catalog of the jewelry brand Garrard. Diana chose the ring not from an exclusive collection but from the usual one.

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A ring of white gold with Ceylon sapphire surrounded with the diamond scattering – that’s what the princess’ choice fell upon. Later, this ring went to Kate Middleton from Prince William. Its price for today is $390,457, and in 1981 – $36,442.

Camilla Duchess of Cornwall


For his second marriage, Prince Charles chose the ring by himself. The story confirms it was a sincere gift because he presented Camilla a ring with a diamond, which previously belonged to his grandmother, the Queen Mother. It is worth noting this ring was one of the most expensive among those that had been presented to the brides of the royal family. Its price is $286,335.

Megan Duchess of Sussex


The history of this ring was recently heard. However, it is worth recalling Prince Harry came up with the design by himself. The central stone is brought from Botswana – a country that is important to his heart, and two other stones are taken from the collection of his mother, Princess Diana. The price is $325,381.

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Princess Eugenie


Her engraved stone has a very interesting name – sapphire padparadscha. Flawless color distinguishes this stone among many others. The main sapphire is also surrounded with a scattering of other diamonds. The price of this ring is $130,152.

Zara Tyndall


Platinum ring with diamonds was made to order. The design was thoroughly thought out by her groom Mike along with the jeweler. The central place is occupied by the largest diamond and surrounded with the scattering of the small ones. The price is $32,538.

Sarah Duchess of York

Prince Andrew made a proposal with a ring with a stunning dark red Burmese ruby ​​stone, surrounded with ten diamonds, centered on yellow gold. Ruby perfectly complements Sarah’s red hair. The price ranges from $195,228 to $260,304.

These are the rings of the women from the monarch family. Each got her own special ring, which has its own history. Now, you know them all! And what ring did you like most? Share your opinions in the comments.

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