She Looks The Same Age As Her Son! Four Beauty Secrets That Help Victoria Beckham Be Younger Than She Is

Date July 24, 2018 11:54

It’s hard to believe, but Victoria Beckham is already 44.

Aging is not something the mother of four children is going to do. On the contrary – she is getting more and more attractive and seems to look younger years after years. One of her latest photos with the eldest son depicts Victoria as if she is in her 20s like her son, even though she is 24 years older.

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What is her secret? Envious people say the star is a common visitor of plastic surgeons, regularly makes injections, erasing years from her face. Luckily, those are just the rumors. Even though her appearance is close to being immaculate, it seems Victoria doesn’t look like a regular client of rejuvenating clinics.

Makeup artist Victoria Wendy Rowe described how a star manages to look perfect everywhere. It turns out it is as simple as anything.

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1. Eye makeup

With the help of beige eyeliner applied to the inner corners of the eyes, the makeup artist underlines Victoria’s eyes, making them more open and provides them with a flirty luster.

2. Lips makeup

Victoria simply excluded contour pencils from her beauty bag. To provide her lips with reasonable volume and seductive fluffiness, she uses lipsticks of several tones, making emphasis on the center and not being afraid to leave the color behind the contours.

3. No contouring

Darkened cheekbones and the abundance of highlighter, according to Victoria, are just aging a woman. Therefore, in her daily makeup, Beckham avoids contouring and gives preference to natural makeup.

4. Ideal eyebrows

The shape of the eyebrows plays an important role in creating the necessary image, and Victoria knows this better than the others. After the advice of her makeup artist, she added a bend to her brows, while she used to prefer straight lines.

She also lifts them using a special brush and fills the space between the hairs with the shadows. The appearance of the 44-year-old star has become more open, and the face as a whole has become noticeably younger.

Perhaps, these rules, guided by Victoria Beckham, will be useful to other women who want to look just as flawless. Be sure to share this material with your friends to let them know the secret of the eternal youth!

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