Teenager’s Figure, Granny’s Face: Paparazzi Caught Sarah Jessica Parker In Bikini

Date July 24, 2018

In recent years, every time Sarah Jessica Parker from the beloved TV series “Sex and the City” appears on the public, she is subjected to heated discussions. Her image causes quite contradictory emotions among the Internet users. Some of the outfits the actress opts for are called the embodiment of style and the peak of elegance, while the others lack the taste.


The celebrity’s appearances in swimsuits are perhaps the most awaited by the social networks “sharks” eager to criticize the 53-year-old actress. Not so long ago, paparazzi captured Parker on the beach in Portofino, and the other day, the actress got into the cameras while resting on her own villa.

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Sarah was wearing a black swimsuit. The Internet users noted the star managed to maintain a slim figure, typical for a young girl, but the flabby skin and wrinkles on her face give out her real age.

That looks like a beautiful figure, but the skin leaves much to be desired.

Years do not spare anybody. However, she looks great for her age.

Well, even the staged photos don’t always make celebrities look perfect, so determined Internet users will always find something to complain about. We also think Sarah Jessica Parker’s slim body just makes those unsatisfied people feel envy. And the fact the actress decided to grow old naturally is her own business. Do you agree with us? Share your opinions in the comments!

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Sarah Jessica Parker