Queen Rania’s Beauty Secrets That Help Her Look Immaculate At 47

Date July 23, 2018

Every woman is a queen deeply in her heart, but some can also boast of this title even in real life. One of such representatives is Rania Al Abdullah, Queen of Jordan, the wife of King Abdullah II. She is honorably called the most modern Arab woman, because she is not afraid to be self-confident, demonstrating this with her activities and immaculate appearance.


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Rania looks just perfect. She is considered one of the most beautiful and influential women in the world. And that is not in vain! Nature has awarded her with charming appearance, diligence, hardworking character, deep self-confidence, and sense of style.


Rania doesn’t wear defiant dresses, but all her outfits are accompanied with praise of fashion critics around the world. This woman tries on the brands from different countries. Moreover, even Giorgio Armani considered her his main muse! Do you want to know how Rania manages to look so good? Today, we will talk about her self-care peculiarities and try to find out why she is so gorgeous.


The day of the Queen begins with a solid breakfast. It can be cereals or legumes. Rania loves couscous and nuts, especially almonds and walnuts. A tight but healthy breakfast gives her enough energy for the whole day. Rania does not drink or smoke. She adores brown rice, chickpeas, fresh cheese, steamed dishes, as well as greens and vegetables. The Queen likes Mediterranean cuisine.


Rania knows the darker the chocolate is, the healthier it should be, so she always chooses black. She eliminated flour dishes from her diet, so she doesn’t eat bread and pasta.

Physical exercises

The Queen begins her day with a short yoga class. You will be surprised, but Rania is keen on numerous fighting arts: karate, kickboxing, and even taekwondo. Also, she can’t live without pilates or active aerobics. The Queen likes jogging. And since she has four children, who she always finds the time for, she doesn’t get too lazy to sit up.

Makeup and hairstyle

The Queen prefers large curls, but sometimes even straightens the hair completely. She doesn’t use strong makeup, most often leaving an accent on the eyes. Like any Arab woman, she doesn’t go anywhere without padding. Rania likes to apply brown or gray shadows, which make the focus on her eyes even further.

Among lipsticks and glitter, she opts for pastel shades. Since nature has awarded the Queen with beautiful dark skin, she doesn’t need to try too hard with tonal bases, that is why her makeup always looks very natural.


Now you know what makes Queen Rania so immaculate. You even know what she does to ensure her body and face are always in perfect shape. Yes, she can afford expensive clothes of famous brands, but what would it mean if she weren’t so beautiful and fit? She is a faithful wife, a loving mother of four children, and a caring Queen – this is all about Rania, a wonderful woman whom you can readily take as an example.

Source: Style Craze, Style At Life, queenrania / Instagram

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