Royals As Little Children: How George's Relatives Looked Like At The Age Of Five

Date July 26, 2018

Kate and William’s first-born, George, celebrated his 5th birthday on July 22. Traditionally, Kensington Palace highlighted the special occasion with a publication of the prince's portrait. Although he is still a little boy, George's appearance resembles both his father and his mother, while his younger sister, Charlotte, is a spitting image of her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. We offer you a short journey back in time that will show you how the children’s close relatives looked like at the age of 5.

1. Queen Elizabeth

This picture was taken in January 1931, a few months before the future Queen celebrated her 5th anniversary. It is worth noting her facial features and hairstyle remained practically the same, except for the age-related changes.

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2. Princess Margaret

The Queen’s younger sister was a real cutie, despite her scandalous reputation and a very unhealthy lifestyle. Take a look at a photo of her as a child:

3. Prince Charles

Even at the age of 5, Prince Charles was a rather reserved and serious boy. Being the eldest in the family, he already seemed to acknowledge the burden of a certain responsibility.

4. Princess Diana

This lovely photo features the late princess at the age of almost 5 years old. However, the picture has a special value, which will definitely be noticed by Diana’s fans – her sincere, kind look, a unique trait of the princess.

5. Prince William

Today, Prince William is a respectable young man and a happy father. A little more than 30 years ago, he used to be very much as mischievous as his beautiful mother.

6. Kate Middleton

Kate’s childhood photos weren’t published as often as her fans would have wanted. Nevertheless, recently, one of them has become a public’s property. In this photo, the Duchess is a little bit older than 5 years old.

7. Prince Harry

When Harry was a kid, everyone thought he looked more like the fair-haired Spencers, his mother’s relatives. However, some archive photos speak volumes about the opposite.

8. Princess Anne

As a child, the only daughter of Prince Philip was a curly blond angel, surprisingly similar to her father. It is remarkable that the princess preserved her love towards horses and her unique facial features.

9. Peter Phillips

The eldest son of Princess Anne was born in marriage with Captain Mark Phillips. On this childish photo, it seems he is William’s true brother, completely different from Harry, isn’t he?

10. Zara Tyndall

Peter’s younger sister, Zara, celebrated her 37th birthday not so long ago. As a child, she looked like a female version of her cousin Harry. What do you think?

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11. Prince Andrew

The prince was born when Charles and Anne were 12 and 10 years old, respectively. In this picture, the little prince looks a little bit like his grandmother, Elizabeth II’s mother. He also has something in common with Prince George.

12. Princess Beatrice

As a child, William and Harry’s cousin used to be a serious and considerate girl. Her characteristic look distinguished by inquisitiveness and discernment, is worth of noting even today.

13. Princess Eugenie

Prince Andrew’s second daughter is just a year younger than her sister. The girls were always close, and they have supported and inspired each other.

14. Prince Edward

If you didn’t know this picture was dated 1969, you might think Prince Charles is playing with his son Harry, and not with his youngest brother, Edward.

15. Lady Louise Windsor

Sophie Countess of Wessex, Louise’s mother, is considered to be the Queen’s beloved daughter-in-law, as well as her devoted friend. She married Prince Edward at a rather mature age – 34 – and gave birth to two beautiful children. Here is how the eldest of their kids, Louise, looked like.

16. James, Viscount Severn

Queen Elizabeth’s youngest grandson turned 10 in December 2017. The boy’s appearance owns the Windsors’ features with subtle additions, which were inherited from his mother.


The 5th birthday is, perhaps, the first conscious anniversary in the life of every child. We are sure both parents and other relatives tried to make this birthday memorable for Prince George so that he can recall the celebration with a sheer smile on his face.

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