Should You Kiss A Child On The Lips? Experts Give Their Opinions And Celebrities Share Their Experience

Date July 26, 2018

Many parents kiss their children on the lips and don’t see anything unnatural or shameful in this. However, is such manifestation of love appropriate? This issue is still one of the most burning and controversial questions on several women’s forums.

When celebrities publish photos with such tenderness towards their children in their social networks, they are immediately attacked with criticism. We decided to find out whether it is justified and what specialists think about it.

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First of all, doubting parents are worried about the issue of hygiene, and definitely not in vain. Many doctors, in particular dentists, warn there is a huge number of bacteria and microbes in the human mouth that can be transmitted to a child during a kiss.

The medical side of the issue was sorted out – if there is a risk of passing the infection through saliva to a child, it is better to refuse from such passionate love manifestation. And what about the psychological aspect of the kisses on the lips?

Child psychologists believe there is no clear answer to this question.

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Someone will say, “it is absurd,” while others, “kids are created for kissing regardless of the place.” Each family decides in their own way whether to kiss their children on the lips or not, and much depends on the parents’ families, what was allowed and what was prohibited.

Each specific family should answer this question, taking into account personal beliefs and certain age characteristics of each child separately.

However, if the child is against such tenderness, under no circumstances should it be insisted and kissed by force. Parents should respect, protect and provide the child with necessary upbringing.

Here are a few celebrity opinions on such experience. Victoria Beckham gave her comment under the picture where she kissed her daughter on the lips:

I was scolded because I recently kissed my daughter on the lips. I kiss all my children on the lips. Maybe not Brooklyn. Brooklyn is 19 years old; it would probably seem strange to him.

Children don’t have the concept of intimate body parts until about 3 years. Up to this age, the whole body is the understanding of the holistic child’s nature. The baby perceives both fingers and genitals with equal emotions.

When exactly should you stop kissing the baby on the lips?

According to psychologists, when parents start creeping themselves with such action, it is time to stop lips kisses. If an adult feels mixed emotions with this gesture – shame, awkwardness, shyness – it should be stopped. In addition, there is no need to kiss the children on the lips, if they oppose such manifestations of feelings. In this case, the baby may not explain the reasons but subconsciously feel it shouldn’t be like this.

As already mentioned above, there is no a single answer to the question whether it is worth kissing children on the lips – each family educates and expresses love to their child with their own convictions and views. However, if there is a possibility such gesture endangers the baby’s health, causes psychological trauma or influences the sexuality perceiving, it is better to refuse from such tenderness.

What about your attitude to the issue? Do you kiss your kids on the lips? Is it a norm in your family to live with such love manifestation? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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