What A Stunning Body! 49-Year-Old Jennifer Aniston Showed The Internet Users Her Slender Figure In A Swimsuit

Date July 26, 2018

In our unexpected modern world, we have repeatedly witnessed how many mature celebrities easily outshine their younger colleagues. Perhaps, Jennifer Aniston is the best vivid example of this.

The 49-year-old actress has always delighted her fans with the amazing appearances in all sorts of outfits. Recently, the star demonstrated her excellent physical shape again, posing in a tiny blue bikini and showing off her stunning body.

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Currently, Jennifer is busy filming the comedy Murder Mystery, taking place in the picturesque Italian town of Portofino. In her spare time, Aniston, along with other actors, prefers to relax near the pool, where paparazzi are always ready to catch the careless celebrities with the minimum clothes.

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After Jennifer’s pictures in a miniature blue bikini hit the web, the internet couldn’t help complimenting the amazingly looking star.

I wish I could look the same in 50!

What a stunning body! Bravo.

Luxurious woman

It is not a secret, Aniston regularly does physical exercises, in particular, yoga, and also tries to follow a balanced diet. And this definitely brings her the desired result: Rachel from the Friends series looks great in her 49!

We cannot believe the next year Jennifer will hit her 50th anniversary. What about you? Do you think Jennifer still looks amazing and will continue staying fit even longer? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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