Plastic Surgeries, Genetics, And Lifestyle: Age-Mate Stars That Look Quite Different

Date September 11, 2018

Why do some women register for rejuvenating procedures already at 25 years old, whereas some look like teenage girls in their 40s? Many factors influence the process of aging: genetics, lifestyle and others. We compared photos of some celebrities of the same age to show you why you need to take care of yourself, lead a healthy lifestyle, and do not go too far if you would want to have a plastic surgery.

1. Ornella Muti and Donatella Versace (born in 1955)

While Donatella Versace, sister of the famous Gianni Versace, is chasing youth with the help of plastic surgeries and different beauty procedures, Ornella Muti prefers to age naturally. Both women are Italians, by the way.


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2. Sandra Bullock and Monica Bellucci (born in 1964)

Both celebrities claim that they have never resorted to the services of plastic surgeons. They are also happy to share tips on how to maintain beauty with good habits and simple cosmetology procedures. Moreover, it seems that Bullock does not have any wrinkles on her face. Do you believe the women?


3. Maggie Smith and Sophia Loren (born in 1934)

Dame Maggie Smith is a seven-time BAFTA nominee, a two-time Oscar winner, and a four-time Emmy nominee. But we all know her as Professor Minerva McGonagall in Harry Potter. As for Sophie's face, it is least wrinkled than Maggie's, although the former claims she has never had any plastic surgeries. A proper care is what keeps her skin healthy.


4. Priscilla Presley and Helen Mirren (born in 1945)

Elvis Presley's wife is keen on plastic surgeries. But her age-mate, actress Helen Mirren, is pretty much against such radical procedures. Who do you like more?


5. Pamela Anderson and Nicole Kidman (born in 1967)

The battle of blondes! Who's going to win?


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6. Britney Spears and Ivanka Trump (born in 1981)

Britney Spears used to consume illegal substances and had other bad habits some time ago. This definitely affected her skin. But now, she is actively involved in sports and tries to care for her body and health. Unfortunately, the mistakes of the past sometimes cannot be corrected. Britney, however, realises that it is important to take care of your future.


7. Adele и Alicia Vikander (born 1988)

Everyone knows that extra pounds add extra age. Singer Adele has lost a lot of weight and regained her beautiful young look. But it would be extremely difficult for her to compete with her age-mate, Alicia Vikander, new Lara Croft. The actress looks just like a teenage girl, doesn't she?


To sum up, those who have led a healthy lifestyle look better than those who haven't. Moreover, plastic surgery is not always the key to youth and beauty. What do you think? Whose photos did you like the most? Share with us!

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