Barack Obama Mentioned Three Important Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Getting Married

Date July 19, 2018

The former president of the United States has been married to his wife Michelle for 25 years already. Despite the long time spent side by side, the couple doesn’t lose interest in each other and looks as much in love as they did on their first date.



On the internet today, you can find countless recommendations from psychologists and ordinary web users on how to save a marriage and not let the love fade away. After many years of the happy marriage, a 56-year-old happy husband and loving father Barack could also give some valuable advice.

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In the recently published book “Yes We (Still) Can,” the senior adviser to the ex-president shared Obama’s guidance on how to understand you've met your soulmate.

According to Barack, to live happily together for many years, you should ask yourself three important questions before the wedding.

1. Are you really interested in this person?

You should understand that for the rest of your life, you will spend more time with the chosen person than with anyone else. There is nothing more important than trusting your partner and always wanting to hear their advice.


2. Does this person make you laugh?

According to Barack, this also plays an important role in the long-lasting relationship. He repeatedly noted Michelle's great sense of humor, and people could also observe it on numerous public appearances.


3. Will your second half be a good mom (dad)?

If you plan to have children in the future, you should find the answer to this question before the wedding. The 44th US president is sure these three aspects are extremely important in the long-term relationships. The Obama family has two beautiful children, eager to show their love to parents and thankful for their excellent upbringing.

Obama does not miss the opportunity to praise his wife Michelle. In conversation with Oprah Winfrey, Barack described his beloved as his main support in life. In 2013, Obama made another touching tribute to his wife for The Vogue magazine:

There is no doubt that, having lived with Michelle, I became the best version of myself


It seems, this lovely couple has a lot to teach others! The fact they are still happy and always care about each other definitely speaks volumes.

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