"Melania, Dig Your Escape Tunnel Deeper!" Uneven Lawn At The White House Mocked On The Internet

Date May 28, 2018

Earlier, it’s been pointed out by the press that Melania Trump, the First Lady of the USA, is not comfortable at the White House, and there is tension in her relationship with her husband Donald Trump.


Paparazzi have noticed more than a few moments of disagreement between the spouses: Melania withdrawing her hand when Donald wanted to hold it, or Donald admitting to journalists that these are not the best times in their relationship.


We sincerely hope that they will work it out. Is there a long term married couple without an occasional misunderstanding? Besides, even the President and the First Lady are, first of all, only human.


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A few days ago, photos of the White House lawn spread on the internet. These pictures were instantly mocked by the web users with the following prevailing opinion:

In the comments, it was suggested that it was Melania’s attempted escape from the White House:

A bit later, the hole was covered until the reasons of its formation are identified and eliminated.

Recently, it’s come to light that Melania was hospitalized and had a kidney operation. Later, she was recuperating at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.


On Instagram, she thanked everybody for prayers and support. Now, Mrs. Trump is feeling well and soon will appear in public.

We hope that she wasn’t offended by internet jokes about the lawn. Maybe they even cheered her up! :)

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