7 Times Princess Diana Broke Royal Protocol

Date July 10, 2018

No sooner had Meghan Markle become the Duchess of Sussex, than the overzealous journalists caught her breaking royal protocol repeatedly. Meanwhile, she is by no means the only member of the British royal family who went against the established foundations. Today, we decided to recall a few instances when Princess Diana broke royal rules, intentionally or accidentally.

1. Ring choice


Historically, the royal family's engagement rings are made to order by eminence jewelers. However, Diana didn’t follow this tradition and chose an accessory she found in a catalog. Prince William presented this very ring to his wife Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.

2. Raising children


Diana had her own views on the matter of raising children. For example, she chose their names (Prince Charles wanted to call his sons Arthur and Albert), breastfed them and was inseparable from them. For the reference, Queen Elizabeth II trusted her parents with two-year-old Charles and went to Malta to celebrate Christmas with her husband. Diana used to be the opposite – she took 9-month-old William along on a month and a half trip to Australia and New Zealand.

3. Sent her children to a kindergarten


Princess Diana sent her children to a state kindergarten, and Prince William became the first heir to the throne who attended a state institution along with other kids. Besides, Diana didn’t raise her children 'royal': she let them wear jeans, took them to fast food restaurants, and used public transport with them.

4. Dress code

When a film about numerous changes at the royal family was broadcast in 1994, the day after the premiere, Diana appeared on the public with a big smile, wearing a dress that violated the royal protocol on many points:

  • too short;
  • open shoulders;
  • deep neckline.

The outfit went down in history as 'the revenge dress'.

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5. Frank interviews

Members of the royal family don’t have a right to give personal interviews, which is another rule Diana has broken repeatedly. In 1995 BBC interview she answered very personal questions. For example, with tears in her eyes, the Princess told how she was being treated by the royals.

Diana even commented on her former husband's relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles:

Oh, a woman's instinct is a very good one. Obviously, I knew about it from people who minded and cared about our marriage. Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.

6. Dropped the formalities


When communicating with children, Diana always used to crouch so that her eyes looked directly into their eyes. She said:

If you are talking with a small child or a sick person, you should be on the same level with him.

7. Opened up about her health problems


It’s no secret that Diana was unhappy in her relationship with Charles. Even though she tried to disguise it at first, in the last years of her life she started to open up about the marriage and the problems of being the Prince’s wife. She said she had developed bulimia from the constant stress she's been suffering.

This is what Diana was like: kind and sensitive, honest, and rule breaking. Perhaps, these features made her the People’s Princess! Regardless of how many times she broke the protocol, she will always stay in our hearts.

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