Prince Charles Is Turning Highgrove Gardens Into A Playground To See His Grandchildren More Often

Date December 3, 2018

On April 23, 2018, Prince Charles became a grandfather for the third time. The birth of little Prince Louis was particularly delightful news for the first in line to the British throne. Despite his busy schedule, he tries to spend enough time with the little ones. Prince of Wales owns the most extensive plant collection at his Highgrove residence near Tetbury in Gloucestershire. Charles purchased this estate in 1980, and after the birth of his children started to transform it into a place where his family could comfortably relax. He rests there himself taking care of the plants and trees and has been coaxing the eldest son of Kate and William, Prince George, to gardening.



Some time ago he refurbished a tree house, which he had installed for his own children. Although Prince Charles can’t spend as much time with his grandchildren as he would want, recently the heir has dropped a hint that they do visit Highgrove.



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On Thursday, July 12, he attended Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, where he was gifted a beech sapling for his private collection.


Charles joked that it would need protecting from Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

I mustn’t let my grandchildren get hold of this.

This implies that his grandchildren visit Highgrove and play around causing mischief so that some items of particular value would require protection.

Let us remind you that Charles first became a grandfather almost in 65 with the birth of Prince George. He was no less pleased with the birth of Charlotte and Louis, but he added: “the only trouble is I don’t know how I am going to keep up with them.”

Highgrove gardens are not a mere hobby for Charles, but a creation in some way. He certainly wouldn’t want his years of work to go to waste, but he seems to be ready to turn his residence in sort of an enormous playground for his grandchildren, so as to spend more time with them. The heir to the British throne enjoys an occasional picnic with them. In spite of a big age difference, the loving grandfather is trying to make the leisure interesting for the little ones.

You’ve probably noticed that sometimes you connect with grandparents even better than with your parents.

We hope that Charles’s grandkids – present and future one – will always see him not only as a powerful heir to the throne but as their favorite grandpa.

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