25 Celebrity Photos Even Most Advert Fans Could Have Failed To See

Date July 11, 2018

Time runs at lightning speed, and we all will eventually grow old. Unfortunately, this also concerns our favorite celebrities. Perhaps, there hadn’t been a person who wouldn’t like to hold the time, or at least make it stop rushing with such crazy speed?

Fortunately, humanity invented the camera: A perfect device to capture everything you would like to for ages. Today, we will show you 25 rare retro celebrity photos taken long ago, when Brad Pitt was still wearing dresses. Enjoy.

1. Celine Dion has always been an incredible beauty!

2. Young Sarah Jessica Parker. Charming babe!

3. Mysterious Sandra Bullock in 1999.

4. Spice Girls in 1997 – so passionate!

5. Princess Diana on vacation.

6. Young Johnny Depp. Please, stop the time!

7. Pitt and Aniston in 1998, the time when they were happy...

8. Princess Diana, Prince Harry, and Prince William are having fun in the amusement park in 1993.

9. Scared Angelina?

10. Is it young Leonardo DiCaprio in 1994? No way!

11. “Golden” Claudia Schiffer with David Copperfield in 1994.

12. What would you say about the Beckhams’ wedding dresses in 1999?

13. This is Brad Pitt in an unusual image for the Rolling Stone magazine. Quite a weird choice for the actor, isn’t it?

14. Jennifer Lopez 20 years ago. She does not change over the years!

15. Julia Roberts in 1990. Young and happy.

16. Tired Meryl Streep in 1981.

17. Best Friends Forever: Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson.

18. Dancing Brooke Shields, 1979.

19. Matthew McConaughey in the yearbook. Prince Charming, is it you?

20. Stylish Victoria and David Beckham, caught by paparazzi in 1997.

21. Linda Evangelista in the 90's. Thin and sonorous!

22. Unbelievably beautiful Monica Bellucci in 1991.

23. Jane Fonda in 1960. That's what “classical beauty” means!

24. Britney Spears and Leo. Two youth idols of the 90's in one photo!

25. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe with the newborn daughter Ava, 1999.

Now, you have the perfect availability to look at these unique photos over and over again to reminisce those good all days, while your kids will just wonder who those cuties are and how they look like now. These photos do a great job of returning us a couple of decades ago and witnessing the celebrities’ rise one more time!

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