Princess Charming Or A Little Witch: 20 Most Memorable Photos From Charlotte's Life

Date July 18, 2018

Little Princess Charlotte has won the hearts of millions of people from all over the world since her birth. It is all about immediacy and tenderness. She is always different: serious or naughty, calm or capricious, but invariably the same: Charlotte is a pure charm!

We bring to your attention 20 most beautiful photos of the young princess.

1. Sometimes, Princess Charlotte is a very serious girl.


2. But in most cases, she is still a hooligan!

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3. And she is incredibly photogenic and already knows how to flirt with paparazzi.


4. Charlotte is very spontaneous!


5. She was incredibly charming at the wedding of her uncle, Prince Harry.


6. Mischievous, but still a sweetheart! No wonder how this girl could win the hearts of millions!


7. Such a cutie – petite Charlotte.

8. When she was very small, many noted the incredible resemblance between the girl and her great-grandmother, Elizabeth II.


9. Especially the similarity with the queen was noticeable in the first two years.


10. Now, by the age of three, Charlotte is acquiring more of her mother’s features.

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11. The level of cuteness in this photo is just off the scale!

12. Charlotte is three years old here. What a big girl!

13. And this is a year earlier.

14. "Did you ask to say Che-e-e-e-ese?"

15. Pretty little girls!

16. Two beauties!


17. "The main thing is, my mother does not mind my mischief!"

18. What a naughty! No wonder Prince Charles said Charlotte and her brother literally turn the palace upside down.

19. We wonder, what did they see there?


20. See you soon!


Hopefully, Kensington Palace will continue pleasing us with more new photos of Princess Charlotte. It’s amazing to see how this little cutie changes day by day, and it’s incredibly interesting to see who she will grow into!

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