Those Are Not The Tears Of Happiness From Becoming A Father: He Cries From Another Adorable Reason

Date July 17, 2018

Not all women have pregnancy and childbirth without complications. For example, even members of the royal families, in particular Kate Middleton, suffered from toxicosis. However, in this responsible and sometimes difficult period, the fathers of children also have really tough times.

A young father from Texas burst into tears while watching the birth of his first baby. Professional photographer Kirstie Perez captured this moment. However, the man was not crying because of the joy he became a father.

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Kirstie Perez often takes pictures of childbirth to capture the touching moments when young parents see their babies for the first time. And the story of this couple is really impressive.

The sad truth was that the pregnancy of this girl was extremely difficult. She vomited all 285 days and lost 30 lbs.

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In addition, she was hospitalized four times because of dehydration. She also developed preeclampsia - a dangerous disease in which blood pressure rises, causing a threat to both mother and child.

In order to prevent the wife’s vomiting, the man had to eat on the steps of their house. Nevertheless, he tried to support his wife and was there for her during the labor.

Therefore, when the photographer asked why he was crying, the man replied:

This is the first time I’ve seen her smile in these nine months.

The photographer shared this story to remind everyone how difficult pregnancy is for the entire family. Therefore, it is very important to have a loving partner nearby who will support and help you with everything.

Males should understand how strong their support can be to all mothers suffering during the severe pregnancy. This is not an easy challenge.

These photos prove that the one who supports you even in the most difficult moments of the life is your true love.

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