Only A Miracle Saved The Drowning Boy Who Seemed To Be Just Having Fun

Date July 16, 2018

A horrible tragedy has recently happened in one of the children's camps, almost killing a little boy named Seriozha. When the child was having fun in the pool, he unexpectedly understood he couldn’t stay on the water and began to sink.

The situation becomes even more terrible when you see people around him ignoring the poor child drowning helplessly. Take a look at the video, will you be able to understand something is wrong immediately?

Indeed, it seemed the baby was just diving. However, what do you usually expect from sinking: screams and panic, but in this case, there was nothing of this. Now, you perceive it with your heart silently counting the beats of the poor child desperately struggling for his life.

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The only rescuer to notice the incident was a young girl who was carrying a device for artificial ventilation since she completed the first aid courses and was ready for any surprise. With the help of her timely knowledge, Seriozha was saved.

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According to the statistics, every tenth child drowns right in front of the parents who don’t understand what is happening. In order to prevent such terrible situation to happen again, let’s find out whether we know all the methods to help a person in similar trouble?

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Nine signs of a drowning person

  1. There is no cry and no call for help; the person keeps the strength for last breaths.
  2. No noises; on the contrary, the person slowly gives up his attempts.
  3. The person’s movements become strange and slow, a little messy.
  4. The drowning tries to grasp the surface of the water.
  5. The eyes are glassy and empty; they are not focused or closed.
  6. Does not use legs, and stays in the water vertically.
  7. The person breathes very often, gasping for air.
  8. Tries to roll over on his back.
  9. Tries to get out of the water, with the movements resembling a rope ladder.

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What to do in this situation

As soon as you become a witness of such situation, act immediately. Precious seconds can save someone’s life. Your goal is clear – pull the person out of the water. Assess the condition and find out if there is breath. Ask for help a person from the crowd and start reanimation. Try to get rid of water from the lungs. No need to clap on the chest. Turn the person face down (the child can be thrown over the knee) and press on the back to remove water from the respiratory system.

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Instruct a specific person to call an ambulance. Just poke your finger at the crowd and say: “You’re calling an ambulance.” Otherwise, panic and confusion may start unexpectedly. It is better to inform them about drowning and breathe stopping the doctors will be prepared as soon as they arrive. Start mouth-to-mouth ventilation. First, make five breaths, then follow the algorithm: 30 pressures – 2 breaths. Pressures are made at a speed of about 100 per minute. Act until the ambulance arrives.

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Please, remember the sequence of actions that may save a person from drowning. Be careful on the water; if you notice something is wrong, start acting immediately.

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