Gold Digger Was Sure Her Millionaire Husband's Money Was In Her Pocket, But His Will Left Her Speechless

Date January 14, 2019 18:15

The man in the photo is Marcel Amphoux. You will be surprised, but Marcel is a millionaire, modest to say the least, living in a hut with no water or electricity, and not paying particular attention to his hygiene and health. There were different adjectives people called him, “eccentric” perhaps being the most respectful.

Marcel owned valuable lands in a French village. He built small houses and rented them out. This business was pretty profitable for the millionaire. With years the real estate in that area skyrocketed in value and Marcel made a fortune.

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And all was good, but Marcel’s relatives were worried that given his outlook he’d be miserable in his loneliness till the rest of his days. Then SHE appeared...

Even though Sandrine Devillard was a few decades younger than Marcel, without thinking twice she declared that would like to spend her life with him. Marcel’s unkemptness and age didn’t worry her one bit. Being an odd character as he was, his fellow countryman praised him for amiability and kindness. People who knew him could always count on his help. Neighbors disliked Sandrine at first glance, as they suspected her intentions were not sincere.

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Marcel and Sandrine met when she wanted to buy 5 houses, located close to a French resort. She was 25 years younger than Marcel and since she could remember led a life exactly opposite to that of Marcel. This is why his friends smelled a rat and called her a “glamourous gold-digger” behind her back. Unfortunately, the couple got married in 2011. Sandrine was sure the money was in her pocket!

The thing was, Marcel and Sandrine lived separately after the wedding. She remained in Paris for the reason that she was too involved in her business. "After all, I visit my husband at the earliest opportunity! To see him and make him happy," Sandrine told one of the publishers.

In a year after the wedding, a mysterious occasion took place. Sandrine sent two of her friends to her husband and they got into an accident. One of her friends and her husband died, the driver was the only survivor.

At the funeral, with the entire village present, Sandrine continued to "put on an act". She was throwing herself at her husband’s coffin, but nobody believed it was sincere. Even a priest at the service told that many treated Marcel as a credit card, not as a person. Despite Marcel’s wealth, the funeral was simple and quiet.

After the funeral, Sandrine showed up with an intention of kicking the tenants out of "her property". That is when she heard the news: her husband hadn’t left her anything.

The money was inherited by his nephew, and as for the lands - he left it to the tenants. There was no mention of Sandrine’s love for Marcel ever since! 

She consulted with lawyers, claiming that there must have been a mistake. But the will remained undisputed. Sandrine had to accept the fact that her husband left her NOTHING.

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