Six Fatal Mistakes Even The Most Passionate Man May Not Tolerate

Date July 16, 2018 17:34

Usually, we do not think much about the fact that men and women are completely different nature beings. As they say, some are from Mars, others are from Venus. However, how can you get along with this cute, but still brutal alien next to you? Well, nothing is as difficult as it seems at first glance. To begin with, simply try to avoid these six common mistakes.

1. Do not compare your actions

Men are peculiar creatures with a completely different logic. Do not be surprised why, in a particular situation, they behave differently than women would. In such situations, women think the men did wrong. However, this is not completely true: They just decided to act in their own way.

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2. Do not look for the hidden meaning in his words

Those are women who see the hidden meaning in everything. They say one thing, have completely different in mind and act even more unexpectedly. Men aren’t created just like this; they are more straightforward. You do not need to invent anything to understand his actions. If he doesn’t want to come, because he’s tired at work – he’s just tired at work, and not tired of you.

3. It is not necessary to demand his entire attention

A woman is a very significant part of a man’s life, but not all of it. In addition to the relationship, he has many more things worth his attention. No matter whether you want to replace his entire world: it’s unlikely to work, and if you ask to get rid of his interests and hobbies for the sake of a joint pastime, this will only make a man unhappy. Therefore, the simplest option is just to accept.

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4. Never interrupt men - it offends them

This rule applies to both sexes, but in this case, men are more fragile. Inability to listen speaks not only about your bad behavior but also about contempt for the words and feelings of a partner. Men appreciate women who can listen in any situation, and then ask questions and comment.

5. Do not require men to perform several tasks at once

Only women are able to cook dinner on the stove with one hand and to hold the mobile phone with another, while their foot swings a pram with the sleeping child. Psychologists explain everything by a simple example. A man is essentially a hunter. A hunter must concentrate only on one goal. Otherwise, he will not achieve the result.

6. Do not make him concentrate purely on you

Many women are deeply offended and even roll up a scandal when a man cannot talk to them on the phone at work. Here, it is important to understand, if he is distracted all the time, he will simply fail to receive a salary!

It may seem very difficult to accept the men as they were created by nature. However, all your efforts are definitely worth it.

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