Dad Comes On Stage To Help His Daughter. Video Has Become The Internet Sensation!

Date June 14, 2018

Nobody and nothing can stop a loving father if his child is in trouble. Marc Daniels, a lawyer and a father of 3 children, provided another example of this.

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His middle daughter, a two-year-old Isabella, is attending a ballet school in Hamilton, Bermuda. On that day, she was having a rehearsal for an annual dance show with other kids, when stage fright got the better of her. The little one got confused and started to cry. Her father tried to comfort her whispering something from the audience, but it didn’t work. Then Marc rushed on stage.

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He appeared holding his youngest daughter, 7-month-old Suri. He took Isabella’s hand, got into character, and started to repeat the movements after the teacher.

In Motion School of Dance / Facebook

The future ballerina calmed down, grew more confident, and they finished the show together. The audience was thrilled!

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Somebody from the audience recorded it and posted on the Internet. The video became an immediate sensation with 700 thousand views in just two weeks.

This sweetest act of parenting can move anybody. Marc knew exactly how to calm his daughter and did everything it took. He rushed to his child’s rescue without second thoughts. He didn’t worry about appearing in front of a big audience not knowing how to dance.

In Motion School of Dance / Facebook

He wanted to encourage Isabella and let her know that she could do it. Meanwhile, he was holding Suri, even though somebody offered to help him with her. Besides, a joke is a good way out sometimes.

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