Pregnant Wife Refused To Do Photo-Shoot. Her Husband's Pictures Became Sensational!

Date May 18, 2018

When his wife told Chris that she is pregnant, he was on cloud nine. For two years they had dreamed of having a child and finally, their wish was granted!

Chris Urena is a photographer, specializing in capturing moments for newlyweds and future moms. So, it was only logical when he offered to do the same photo-shoot for his wife. However, she refused. She explained that she was ashamed to pose in this condition.

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Then, the 29-year old man decided to try posing himself. Besides, he admitted to having a slight resemblance to his pregnant wife in terms of the body constitution. He asked his colleagues to take pictures of him and they agreed.

The photo-shoot was so much fun! When the wife saw the pictures, she was shocked and then had a good long laugh. She posted a few on social networks just for fun, to see the reaction. And the outcome was sensational! The photos instantly went viral.

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This self-parody delighted Chris as a model and his wife, friends and himself proved that their funny bone is all right. Dedicating the photo-shoot to his spouse the future father encouraged men not to be afraid to do something unusual for their beloved partners during pregnancy. 

One of the users captured the whole idea in a spot-on comment:

These are not pictures of pregnancy, these are pictures of eternity.

They are expecting a child in June, but the pictures will haunt them for the rest of their lives!

Did you find it funny? Have a good time with your friends going through Chris Urena’s album again.

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