Story Of A "Young Boy" And An Adult Woman Getting Married Went Viral, But It's Not What It Seems

Date May 24, 2019

Sadly, underage and forced marriages are quite widespread even nowadays. Such cases often cause outrage among internet users. And that's what happened to the couple we are talking about today.

At the beginning of May 2019 Mexican mass media and, later on, social media published pictures from a wedding ceremony where the groom looks like a really young boy. The pictures caused heated discussions on Facebook – many users wrote in the comments that the boy is way too young to get married.

However, the story that is hidden behind these pictures is much more sad and touching than it might seem at first glance.

As it turned out, the couple in the picture has recently tied the knot during a 2-day-long wedding ceremony in Acapulco. And although the groom, whose name is Jonathan, can easily be mistaken for a schoolboy, the young man really is 19 years old. Due to a rare genetic disorder, he looks much younger than his real age.

Despite his health condition, Jonathan was lucky enough to meet the love of his life who agreed to marry him.

So it's not a story of an arranged or forced marriage. Just look at the newlyweds glowing with happiness!

In our turn, we would like to wish this beautiful couple harmony and love in their lives together!