7 Simple Things You Can Do To Help Your Mother Live Longer And Happier

Date February 27, 2019

There is no greater bliss than to know that all your family and friends are healthy and happy in their lives. Especially so when it comes to one's mother. We want her to be always cheerful and active, happy to see us and communicate with us.

How to live longer in joy and activity

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Thanks to the development of medicine and the gradual improvement of people's well-being, many countries have seen an increase in women's life expectancy. For example, in Japan, women live for 87.1 years on average, and in the future, this number may go up to 88.9. In the UK, it is now 83.2 years with a perspective of reaching 85.5. In the US, the life expectancy of recently born girls is 81 years, and for those over 60, this number is expected to be 84.7.

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But it’s not only medicine that can help a mother live longer. A lot more depends on her loved ones, how they support her and fill her life with joy. In fact, according to a study conducted by scientists from the University of California, about 43% of older people over 60 feel lonely.

Save them from loneliness by doing these 7 simple actions.

1. Visit more often

No matter how tight your work schedule is, plan to drop in on your mom at least a couple of times a week. This will prevent her from feeling lonely and isolated.

2. Take her out

Choose an interesting play or comedy to make your quality time more fun. Nothing makes a mother happier and prouder than stepping out together with her daughter.

3. Teach her to use a computer or smartphone

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Communication in social networks, participation in online culinary workshops, or visiting websites of interest will keep her busy and provide adequate brain stimulation.

4. Ask her to watch your children

Active communication with a younger generation is the best remedy for boredom. It takes the mind off health issues or other problems, while at the same time making one feel needed. Besides, with your mom watching your children, you get a couple of hours to yourself!

5. Enroll her at a library or book club

A library is not only a place where they keep books, but also a venue for many interesting events. This way you will expand her circle of acquaintances, give her a reason to go outside more often, and take better care of herself.

6. Ask her to cook something special

Your mom will have to search her memory for that special recipe and will be pretty busy in the kitchen. Physical and mental activity is just what the doctor ordered at her age.

7. Get out of the city together

What could be better than relaxing in the woods, on a river bank, or in a park? This is a great way to unwind!

The main thing is not to keep your mom from getting bored. Then she won’t have time to think about health issues, get upset over trifles, and become grumpy.

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