Girl Shamed Men For Cheap Engagement Rings But Received A Huge Backlash

Date May 24, 2019

True love is invaluable and is not measured in money. We were reminded of it some time ago by Ariel McRae, an American, who accepted her boyfriend’s proposal with two modest silver rings.


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Unfortunately, the young man didn’t have money for expensive jewelry, and it worried him a lot. But the girl didn’t care. On her Facebook page, Ariel admitted that she would have married her boyfriend, even if it had been a 25-cent gum ball machine ring.


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However, not all girls subscribe to this opinion. As it turned out, some attach too much importance to the price tag on engagement and wedding rings.

Kelly Radisson from London tweeted her opinion on this story.

However, Kelly didn’t find a lot of support from other users. Quite the opposite, she faced harsh criticism. Some commenters even shared their own stories.

Many users agreed that a man who spends a ridiculous amount of money on jewelry may turn out to be materialistic and overall not a nice person.

And whose side are you on? Do you attach much importance to engagement rings? Share your opinion in the comments!