These 7 Phrases Cut A Mother Like A Knife!

Date December 26, 2018

mother is the dearest person in the whole world. She gave us life and did her best so that we could grow up to be smart, beautiful, and good people. A mother wants to be proud of her children!

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Words that cuts a mother’s loving heart to the quick

Children grow up thanks to their parents’ tremendous efforts. It is supposed to be this way that each next generation is an improvement on the previous one. Only sometimes, grown-up children are inattentive to their aged mothers and can even be condescending. And it hurts their loving heart so much!

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We have prepared a list of phrases that no mom should ever hear from her children if they want her to be happy.

1. “You’re telling me it for the hundredth time!”

A mother’s bad memory is not the problem here. It is the children, whom it takes a hundred times to understand something.

2. “It won’t be interesting for you”

A mom has to and wants to know everything that happens in the life of her child. So, if something is complicated, find the right words to explain it.

These 7 Phrases Cut A Mother Like A Knife!

3. “I can’t come for the holidays. We are going with friends”

Of course, a mother will say that she understands and wants you to have a good time. But she will be hurt that this is how it’s been for the last several years.

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4. “Sorry, I didn’t call you yesterday, I was busy”

Only a mom knows how many times she looked at her phone and checked whether it works, so as not to miss your call and hear your voice.

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5. “You’ve aged”

Moms get their wrinkles from worrying about their children and grandchildren. Maybe you shouldn’t make your mom worry so much?

6. “You paid little attention to me”

Combining family and work is always difficult for a woman, but it makes children grow up into independent adults.

7. “You always make the same food”

But it has always been cooked with love and thoughts about those the mom wants to feed.

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Sad, isn’t it? We are all someone's children and maybe someone's parents, so let’s remove these phrases from our vocabulary once and for all. May all moms be surrounded by loving children!

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