Woman Adopted 5 Children With Down Syndrome After Raising Her Biological Daughter With Special Needs

Date December 26, 2018

Not every mother loves her baby as much as to accept it with developmental disorders, including genetic ones. Such children often end up in orphanages, but not all institutions are ready to provide them with adequate conditions and education, and later a job. You may have read our earlier articles about the success of young people with Down syndrome in studiesmodeling, and business

51-year-old Leah Spring is a cheerful woman, breast cancer survivor, avid biker, and mother of 12.

Most of them were adopted and six were born with Down syndrome. In 1996, Leah, who had raised two sons by that time, likely didn’t think about adoption until she gave birth to a girl with a genetic disorder. Despite having Down syndrome, 22-year-old Angela went on to receive an education and get a job. The experience of raising her prompted Leah and her partner, 61-year-old Dean Ellingson, to adopt children with special needs. According to Metro, the couple was guided by the fact that they were able to provide them with a decent standard of living and care and to give them the love they so desperately needed.

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Adoption isn’t about doing for yourself, it is about doing for someone else.‘You should do it because you see a need and you fill that need.

Although most of the adolescents in this family don’t even speak, and the couple’s everyday life is certainly not easy, Leah and Dean feel happy for taking part in the lives of all these children. The woman also keeps the Garden of Eagen blog, where she shares her experiences and little victories of her children.

This case is not an isolated one. Stephanie and Todd Huffine, who after having brought up four biological children didn’t think that they would adopt a child with Down syndrome. But they just fell in love with little Bo (whom they later adopted) as soon as they saw his photo, and did not regret it.

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Many people probably question why people choose to adopt children with special needs when there are thousands of ‘normal’ ones? There can be many reasons for this: a simpler procedure, a desire to raise such a child backed up by the experience of personal close contact with one, religious convictions, or just a heart full of love; and this is by no means an exhaustive list.

A few decades ago, a diagnosis such as Down syndrome sounded like a death sentence; nowadays, children with special needs are perfectly involved in society. They graduate from schools, get regular jobs, play sports, pursue art, get a hobby, and live full lives. But only on the condition they are not abandoned in the first place. Raising such a child requires careful preparation and patience; they also require protection and more comprehensive healthcare.

Despite learning impairment, those with Down syndrome are extremely kind and sincere. We believe they deserve their chance for happiness. What is your opinion?

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