Woman Carried Triplets For Half The Term Knowing That One Of Them Wouldn’t Survive

Date May 23, 2019 13:36

A birth of a child becomes double the joy and excitement when the pregnant woman finds out that she is expecting twins or even more babies. Doctors and future mothers believe that multiple pregnancies are harder and entail greater risks. It sometimes happens that one of the embryos stops growing in the womb, and the woman has to carry a deceased baby for the whole time until labor.

It should be noted that such cases are extremely rare – only 1% in the case of twins and about 3% for triplets. 33-year-old Kirsty Alexander was overjoyed when she learned that she was expecting 3 babies! You can only imagine how happy she was given that she’d had problems with conception. Her firstborn was born with the help of IVF.

Only on week 18, a scheduled ultrasound showed problems in the development of one of the girls whom her mother already called Dotty. The little heart stopped and the second half of her pregnancy, Kirsty lived knowing that one of her daughters would be stillborn and fearing of losing the others. All night before the planned caesarean section, the woman was hugging a stuffed bunny with was later buried together with little Dotty.

Kirsty decided to share her story with those who, like herself, have lost a little angel. Feeling the urge to express her grief and at the same time uncomfortable with real communication, the woman started pouring her soul in her Instagram microblog, finding support from various people and giving the same in return.

Although it is believed that the risk of miscarriage is the highest in the first trimester, in the case of a multiple pregnancy, it is possible up to the 22nd week. The reasons for the death of one of babies include developmental pathologies incompatible with life, abnormalities in the development of the placenta or umbilical cord. In such instances, doctors are focused on sustaining the living baby in the womb for as long as possible. In some cases, if a woman is unable to carry the multiple pregnancy, they remove one of the embryos in the early stages.

A multiple pregnancy is always associated with greater risks. Due to the increased load on the female body, the expectant mother may suffer from gestational hypertension, diabetes, preeclampsia, and anemia. The delivery may be premature or require a cesarean section. Twin-babies are more susceptible to various abnormalities that can be identified in the middle of the term. This allows creating better conditions for healthy babies, as well as prepare for any type of treatment that children might need after the birth.

Kirsty's case is unfortunately not unique, but a vast majority of multiple pregnancies end with the birth of healthy babies. She shared her story in order to cheer up other parents who have lost their angels too. And although her Dotty will never meet her sisters and brother, Kirsty will always be a mother of at least 4.

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