8 Hours Post-Labor, A Woman Became A Donor For 50 People. Husband Managed To Capture Her With Their Newborn

Date March 21, 2019

Sometimes, joyful events are so quickly followed by painful ones that your emotions don’t know what to do – be overjoyed or grieve. Even though we always strive for a happy ending, the causes and consequences of these events are different, so you can hardly predict when this may happen.

The story of Megan Moss Johnson was unpredictable indeed. When, at the age of 15, the girl was diagnosed with myocarditis (damaged heart muscle), the doctors suggested transplanting a new organ. The surgery was successfully conducted a few years later. Megan was immensely grateful to the person who became a donor for her. She even dedicated a blog to her unusual rescue.

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Feeling the importance of donation as an opportunity to save someone’s life, the girl supported this movement. Moreover, she signed the documents allowing the use of her organs for donor purposes in case of her death.

With a new heart, Megan discovered a new life. She felt especially elated when she met musician Nathan Johnson. The couple soon got married and awaited a child.

Megan and Nathan's daughter was born without difficulties. Both mother and infant felt healthy. The young parents were happy to hold a small miracle in their hands that they named Eilee.

They were also thrilled that Megan’s heart managed to overcome all the difficulties of pregnancy. The happy father took the first photographs of the family and shared them on social networks, spreading the good news all around the world.

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However, something went awry. 8 hours later, the young mother fainted and soon thereafter died. Doctors couldn’t explain what happened, although people with a transplanted heart may have complications. The grief of the young father is difficult to describe. He lost the love of his life just a few hours after obtaining the most precious gift.

Friends and relatives supported Nathan and his daughter during the difficult period for the family. Apart from that, they also organized a fundraiser to help the musician until he could work. The story of a young family impressed the online community greatly, resulting in gathering 10 times more money than expected. Nathan and Eilee were grateful to everyone.

At the same time, late Megan managed to save 50 people by becoming a donor for them as she had willed.

Now Nathan enjoys every day he spends with Eilee. The single dad shares her everyday achievements by posting endearing photos on social networks.


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The time will come when he tells his little girl the story of their love for Megan to honor her amazing memory forever. Rest in peace, dear Megan. You are a hero!

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