Critically Ill Girl Gave A Wonderful Performance In Hospital, Making Millions Of Users Enthralled By Her Singing

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April 19, 2019 11:30 By Fabiosa

Leah Carroll from California is only 5 years old, but she has already undergone two bone marrow transplants. The baby has severe congenital neutropenia.

Because of her health problems, she has to visit hospitals very often. Despite this, the girl manages to stay cheerful and keep a positive outlook. Her mom shared that she loves dancing, singing, and playing drums.

This is her life. It’s what she’s ever known, and she likes to be happy, she loves to perform, and she likes to make people feel good.

To distract and entertain her daughter during a long stay in the hospital, the mother shows her various music videos on her iPad.

One day, in 2017, the girl began to sing along to the song Overcomer by Mandisa. Lindsey immediately grabbed her mobile phone and started recording the sweet moment.

After Leah’s mom shared the video on Facebook, it instantly became viral. Today, more than 17 million people have already watched it.

Soon Mandisa saw the video herself. She was so moved by little Leah's talent that she visited her in hospital and even sang a duet with her!

According to the latest updates from the girl's page on Facebook, she is now feeling well. Leah is still regularly examined in the hospital, but the dynamics are positive and truly encouraging!

We can only hope that over time this wonderful girl will be able to overcome the disease completely and begin to enjoy ordinary life!