Child Beauty Pageants’ Participant Shared A Photo Without Makeup! She Looks Like A Completely Different Kid

Date June 3, 2019

Beauty contests, voluminous hair, bright lipstick, eyelash extensions, and a winner’s crown with rhinestones are everything that many girls dream of. And not only they! Their mothers want to fulfill their children's dreams with the child’s help. However, not all adults agree with the need to hold such events. They argue that children should behave according to age, attend school, play with dolls, and not be them.

Miley Court

Babies often lose their childish appearance behind a thick layer of cosmetics. But they immediately turn back into ordinary girls without makeup and in casual clothes! 

This is exactly what Miley Court does in her life. She is an experienced participant of beauty contests.

Girl continuously shares numerous photos from pageants in her Instagram.

Well, you can hardly recognize her in the retouched pictures from the studio.

Do you wonder what she looks like without makeup?

Well, please welcome, cute baby Miley. Seems hard to believe, doesn’t it?

Paisley Langworthy

Here’s Miley's close friend. She is also a participant of numerous beauty contests. 

But check out the girl’s photo without makeup – she looks much sweeter here! Do you agree?

Do you think children need to participate in such events? Share your opinions in the comments!