Why You Don't Owe Anything To You Mom

Date May 28, 2019

Can there be anyone more precious than your mom who gave you life and brought you into this world? Of course not! Mom is the closest person in the whole world... And we always feel our unpayable debt before her. But why do children owe anything to their parents?

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In some families, the relationship between parents and children are toxic. They had started in early childhood and had completely formed by the time children grew up. Parents attitude towards children is of great importance here, whether they disregarded them, neglected or devaluated their efforts.

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And along with this, children have been told their whole lives that parents "dedicated their lives" to them, which is why they want to get something in return when they're old. But children have nothing to give because all they have is issues, insecurities and low self-esteem.

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Psychologists have another theory concerning the "debt" stereotype. It appeared because of the balance disturbance of "give and take" when one of the sides (parents) didn't get enough of something, while, they feel that they invested into the other side (children) all their time, power, money. And here they go again, talking about "wasting life" on growing children.

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Experts consider that children give their parents precious moments of happiness when they are born and while they are present by their side. They do it through smiles, hugs, first words, funny kisses, first steps, etc. That's the fee, the debt, the bonuses (call it whatever you want) which children give to their parents for the sleepless nights and worries they've caused. Assuming that the adults notice it while they're around instead of shifting the responsibility for their children's upbringing onto someone else.

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Still, the theory which claims that children owe something to their parents seems kinda selfish, doesn't it? What do you think?

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