How Parents Make Kids Naughty With Their Own Hands? 7 Common Mistakes Of Moms And Dads

Date June 8, 2018

Quite often, parents face the problem of their child being totally uncontrollable and naughty. They want to explain how to behave, and sometimes they raise their voice. All for nothing! Perhaps, it's time to look at yourself and your behavior before punishing the kid. We prepared 7 mistakes of the parents, who make children misbehave with their own hands.  

1. Dropping threatening phrases

A kid starts arguing and tries to do everything to spite the parents? In such cases, some parents try to appeal to good sense, other just scream and threaten: 'If you misbehave, I will not love you', 'We will give you away to the orphanage', 'A policeman will come and take you away'. 

Children always feel when it's fake. Deceiving the kid, you lose their trust. In this case, the behavior will not become any better. It would be more useful to you say: 'I love you, but it's not good what you are doing'.

2. Not enough attention

You work hard from morning till night to buy the best toy or gadget for your kid. But instead of grateful words, you get tears and whims. Not fair! If your child does not receive enough attention, a way to get it is to misbehave. A kid needs an aquapark weekend with you more than any gifts. 

Love is not about things but giving a permission to express all emotions the child has, accepting them, and showing interest in their life.  

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3. You constantly give orders

When parents communicate with their child by giving strict orders, a kid will for sure be stubborn. This way, he or she shows the personality. This decision maybe not that correct but their own at least. 

How do you know that you are right? Adults also have their issues and psychological traumas since childhood. You may be wrong sometimes, and it's totally OK. 

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4. You show more attention to your other kids

This one intersects with the second one. A child does not get enough attention and acts like: 'If I do not feel comfortable, I will make you feel uncomfortable as well'.

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5. You criticize your kid

'You couldn't organize a fart in a baked bean factory', 'What a scribble you draw', 'Your handwriting is like a chicken scratch' these and other typical phrases may be usually heard from parents. After this, any kid would lose confidence and give up on trying to do something better. One gets a thought: 'Ok, I will be bad, anyway I'm worthless'.

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6. You demonstrate a bad example

You are late for your meetings, fight in public, and ignore feelings of others? Your kid notices that and, surely, repeats. Children reflect their parents though we do not always pay attention to this. 

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7.  You lash out at your child

After troubles at work, you come back home and lash out at your kid to get things off your chest. And then you just make it up buying sweets. Then how can one form an idea that parents are happy with good deeds and upset with bad ones? So, the kid still can get under the blow even when the homework is done and the garbage is taken out.

Have you found any sins in yourself? Sometimes, we refuse to notice these simple things! Share this important information with your friends. Maybe, they need it. 

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